hypnotherapy can help relieve stress in life

Hypnotherapy for Stress

hypnotherapy for stress at workModern life is stressful, full of expectations and demands, whether at work, in school, from the family or in relationships. Deadlines to meet, money to earn, changes to face, losses to endure. And the future is uncertain.

We have evolved to deal with some stress. Facing danger, stress hormones ready us for fight or flight. Our pulse quickens, our muscles tense, digestion slows, blood pressure rises. We perform under the pressure.

But when we react to the traffic warden as though we werefending off a lion, mind and body pay the price. Fatigue, insomnia, headaches, upset stomach, pounding heart, chest pains, anxiety, depression, irritability, feelings of inadequacy, laughing or crying for no reason, resenting your responsibilities. These may all have their origin in continual flooding with stress hormones

What seems stressful to one person may not seem so at all to another. So it is not the situation but our reaction to that situation that leads to stress. This is why hypnotherapy can be so successful. Our reaction to stress can be changed during hypnosis to a more positive one, so that in real life, our reaction will become so different, more positive, less stressful.

Past tensions and traumas may be among the reasons that we find certain situations more stressful than others even though the echoes of these past events may be buried in our subconscious

Hypnotherapy can help lay these ghosts in our mind and allow us to face the sfree of stresss through hypnotherapytresses and strains of life with a new positive outlook. So why wait until you feel out of control? Take charge - learn how to let go and live *

* Dear Jean, When I came to see you after my promotion I was so stressed I was desperate. I could not afford to lose my job or take time off but the harder I tried to get things right the more ill I became. You were a lifesaver. You enabled me to see other people's attitudes in a new light. And problems that loomed so large now seem manageable. I cannot thank you enough.       B*** Surrey

Research at UCLA in Los Angeles has proved that hypnosis for stress significantly lowers the level of IL-6 in the blood - a protein released in response to stress

Research at Massachusetts General Hospital shows that chronic stress really can lead to heart attacks. Mice subjected to stress had raised white blood cell count, a sign of inflammation, and had plaque features associated with heart attack. Medical staff exposed to chronic stress had a similar increased blood cell count. Reported in "Nature Medicine" June 2014 and in "Mail Online"

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* Testimonials on this website show how so many who desired change and were willing to work with me achieved their goals; results may vary from person to person.
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