healthy family who have stopped smoking through hypnotherapy


smoking volcano Everyone is telling you that you can do it. And you know it makes sense. You want to be free of what began as a pleasure, or an act of rebellion against people who no longer feature in your life! Only you dread the misery of withdrawal and the feelings of deprivation.

Take heart! You can break free from the beliefs and thoughts that run through your consciousness like insidious invaders. You can achieve that glow of success. Feel good in the morning. Rediscover your health and potential

Forget those long programmes that commit you to many high-cost sessions. I offer sessions that you book only as long as you need and my work is reasonably priced for your journey to freedom

With hypnosis I help you to access your unconscious mind and fill it with motivation, feelings of success, encouragement and hope *

Yes of course you can be a non-smoker!

hypnotherapy can help stop smoking


no smoking

* Hi Jean, 9 months ago I came to you for a smoking cessation session and I have not touched one since so thank you. However there is one other thing I was wondering if you could help me with, I have a habit of ----- Yours sincerely T***

* Hello Jean You recently saw P***, my husband and to date he is free from the weed! I am not sure if he has been back in touch but he has now not smoked at all since seeing you and all this through Christmas period when lots of smoking friends at the house! I now would like to come and see you as I have every reason to quit now! C***

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* Testimonials on this website show how so many who desired change and were willing to work with me achieved their goals; results may vary from person to person.
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