hypnotherapy for insomnia


hypnotherapy for inability to sleepResearch shows that just over half of the UK population suffer from insomnia. And women are three times more likely than men to have problems sleeping.

ZZ ZZ ZZ - - - How sweet to pull the bedclothes over your ears and just drift away to the land of nod

But it's not so easy when financial worries, relationship problems or workplace anxieties are going round and round in your mind. And the harder we try to let go, the harder it gets

hypnotherapy helps sleepYou know the old saying that if you want someone to love you, you must first set them free. It is like that with sleep. The more you fear it will leave you, the further away it goes. But don't give up hope.  Make an appointment today and begin letting go of those troubling thoughts in your head.   Don't think all night  .... sleep .... ZZ ZZ ZZ


* Is that you Jean? I just thought I would ring and tell you that I had eight hours good sleep last night. I feel wonderful from B*** who prior to her first session had not slept a whole night for a long time

From L.Fisher in the Daily Mail 2009: "Four months on and I am still sleeping well. Insomnia was ruining my working life and relationships but now I feel able to cope with the stresses of everyday life. I am calmer, happier and just annoyed that the cynic in me stopped me going to hypnotherapy sooner"*

In 2006, a research project at New York University found that almost all the 70 children in the project aged 7-17 with sleep problems fell asleep much quicker after one or two hypnosis sessions

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* Testimonials on this website show how so many who desired change and were willing to work with me achieved their goals; results may vary from person to person.
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