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don't let a phobia hide you from life

Hypnotherapy and Phobias

woman showing fear A phobia is an inexplicable terror of something often seen by others as insignificant. It can be so embarrassing that we go to great lengths to avoid getting into a situation where we might meet our fear and make fools of ourselves.

Only someone who knows from experience just how debilitating that can be really understands what it is to suffer with a phobia.

You know, those miserable fears that you have been suffering from can be eased. Breathe a sigh of relief because you can say goodbye to terror. NOW. Don't spend another minute hiding away from all the fun of living. Hypnosis can set you free

woman without phobiaThe fear response in your brain can be changed to one of pleasure. It is simple. I will use a sort of re-wiring technique that allows you to experience a new reaction to the fear-producing stimulus, a calm, peaceful feeling when you find yourself in that situation

There seems no limit to the tricks the brain can play on us. Besides the traditional fears of spiders or flying, I have helped my clients overcome fear of the dentist, needles, pigeons, wasps, frogs, high winds, vegetables, driving and many many others

you could begin releasing your phobia now

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* Dear Jean, Last week I drove all the way to Leeds on the M1! You remember when I came to see you I was petrified of motorways after my little accident and was about to lose my work for fear of drivingjo I cannot thank you enough for enabling me to live a normal life again. J*** Guildford

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It is reported in "The New Scientist" that memories are not permanently stamped into the brain but tend to be changed or modified every time a memory is recalled and returned to the memory store. This explains the success of hypnotherapy in changing or modifying the fears associated in memory with any remembered situation.

* Hi Jean, Just to let you know that my fear of wasps has completely gone. There was one in the kitchen yesterday and I simply opened the window and let it out!  Previously I would have paralysed with fear until my husband came home with no supper cooked.  Thank you Jean R*** Epsom

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* Testimonials on this website show how so many who desired change and were willing to work with me achieved their goals; results may vary from person to person.
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