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hypnotherapy for panic attacks If you suffer from panic attacks you probably think nobody really understands how it feels.  How your heart thuds as though it would jump right out of your chest - how you feel weak - sweaty - hot and cold at the same time - sick to your stomach. And you are right - no description on a web page can convey the terror of a real-life panic attack.

You can put an end to the hell of panic attacks

Panic is usually triggered by specific circumstances. As a result, much of your day will be spent attempting to avoid certain situations.  Trying to conceal how uncomfortable you are makes things worse. And so one event builds on another, one brick at a time, until you feel utterly trapped by a wall of terrifying feelings.

You can break through and reconnect with freedom

Consciously trying to control your panic yourself - telling yourself to be rational - often makes things worse. Because the more you think about the problem, the larger it looms in your life. It is the unconscious part of your mind that directs you to panic - it believes you are in danger!

Hypnotherapy is so successful at helping to overcoming panic because in hypnosis you can relax and retrain your unconscious mind to unlearn its old pattern of fear

Contrary to popular misconceptions hypnotherapy enhances your sense of control rather than diminishes it.

Your life will change for the better as that fear and panic which had such control over you becomes a thing of the past *

Free yourself from the chains of fear
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* Dear Jean, Not a day goes by when I'm not grateful for all you have done for me G***
PS I drove to Cornwall --- and back! [before she came to me G*** was afraid to go far from home for fear of a panic attack]


* Dear Jean I cannot believe the difference in me since I came to see you. What was it that I was so scared of? Whatever it was - it's all in the past now like a bad dream. I cannot thank you enough for releasing me from the prison that held me for so long T***


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* Testimonials on this website show how so many who desired change and were willing to work with me achieved their goals; results may vary from person to person.
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