hypnotherapy for exam nerves

Exam Nerves

hypnotherapy to help pass driving test Do not expect hypnotherapy to enable you to pass an exam when you do not know the subject! But so many people who have done the work and, know their subject are let down by their own sub-conscious fears of failure that build and build in the days before the test

Hypnotherapy sessions before an exam can replace your sub-conscious fears of failure with renewed confidence, an expectation of success that will help calm your butterfly nerves and enable you to achieve your true potential*

Many people have come to Mid-Surrey hypnotherapy to overcome their nervous dread of exams - driving tests, school exams, university exams, dancing exams, exams to enter the law, exams to become doctors, music grade exams and all manner of assessments, tests and exams have been faced by people who come for my help. And all have been helped to achieve their best.

school child in exam helped by hypnotherapySchool children of all ages have come to me for help with exams. They seem to have so much more pressure and expectation put on them these days and are able to relate to me as a sympathetic "on their side" listener outside of the school and home.



Clinical research has demonstrated a significant improvement in test results with hypnosis
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A reporter came to me to pass his shorthand test. He passed with distinction and was so impressed with his sessions that he wrote an article in the local newspaper about his treatment
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exam success through hypnotherapy


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* Testimonials on this website show how so many who desired change and were willing to work with me achieved their goals; results may vary from person to person.
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