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Hypnotherapy for children and teenagers

Life can be very confusing for us all. Sometimes even a little bit scarey. And when you are younger and life is just beginning - well - it can be enough at times to make you feel bewildered or angry or scared and rebellious.

I help adults to understand their feelings of anger anxiety and despair, but my help works just as well for younger people too. I offer a listening ear from someone who is just that step back from the turmoil of their lives. Someone they they can trust.

Even as adults it is not easy to cope with change. But younger people face almost continual change. A new class, a new school, new friends, new enemies, new rules, sometimes even a new Mum or Dad, on top of the growing physical and mental changes within.

Young people seem to face more pressure today then ever before. Tests that started out as a way of assessing the performance of the school seem to have become a nightmare for the children. Pressure from their peers to wear the right clothes, pressure from bullies

So many despairing parents have found that a trip or two to my comfortable and quiet therapy room can help their child to relax and ease their life into running a little more smoothly. Storms can be eased and calmer seas can be a real pleasure to sail in.

hypnotherapy for children

From very young children to teenagers, all find they can trust me with their problems. Often they give me permission to share confidences with their parents and the understanding of family dynamics deepens. I can help young people to change the way they look at their problems. And with Hypnotherapy added I offer a whole new bigger picture and one that a younger person can find they fit into easily.


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* Testimonials on this website show how so many who desired change and were willing to work with me achieved their goals; results may vary from person to person.
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