Do you have a TEMPER? Do you get ANGRY very quickly?
Angry with your boss? Angry at the office?
Angry with your parents? Angry with children?

Anger is a natural emotion that becomes a problem when it is so out of control that it hurts people emotionally or physically. And it hurts you as well as those around you. As the adrenalin flows, your heart pounds and your blood pressure shoots up.

Research shows that people who quickly react to stress with anger, are FIVE TIMES more likely to have an early heart attack than their calmer counterparts

So how can you change? Certainly not by clamping down on yourself. The volcano beneath will only burst through with even greater ferocity. The issues beneath the surface need to be understood and managed before the eruption.

Hypnotherapy is such a valuable anger management technique because it can identify the root cause of your anger and then help you change the way you react to the situations that make you so angry.

You may not like the way you are now. But part of you may be afraid that the spark that ignites your anger is the same spark that makes you what you are. Lose that, and perhaps you will lose everything.

Be assured that you can be assertive without aggression. You can believe in yourself without belittling others. You can be free to go your own way instead of treading the path programmed into you long ago. You can make your tomorrow better than yesterday*

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"Hot tempers predict disease long before other traditional risk factors like diabetes and hypertension became apparent"said Patricia P. Chang MD, lead author of a study at John Hopkins University The most important thing angry people can do is get professional help to manage their tempers, especially since those who already have heart disease get better with anger management techniques.


* Dear Jean Since I came to see you, I have felt so much calmer and so much more in control of my life. My wife is so amazed she wants to come and get some of your magic for herself! Many many thanks G****


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* Testimonials on this website show how so many who desired change and were willing to work with me achieved their goals; results may vary from person to person.
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